Brett Hundley vs Oakland

Preseason: Brett Hundley vs Oakland Raiders

I love Brett Hundley. I wish my Jets drafted Brett Hundley. Even with Bryce Petty putting in a surprising preseason in year 2, I have little doubt that Hundley will have the better career of the two. Since he’s seeing his first preseason action this year and I now have a blog where I can post whatever propaganda comes to mind, I’m going to look at Hundley.

Brett Hundley’s First Drive

The Packers do the right thing and give Hundley some simple execution plays to warm up with. For three passes in a row, rollouts placed a back in the flat while other receivers take corner or vertical routes to leave the defenders in a bind with a vertical stretch. The plays ask Hundley to perform simple acts, just put the ball to the open receiver on a designed read. He takes the open flats on his first two passes, and on the third he takes a more aggressive approach that doesn’t work out. But that’s fine.

Now that Hundley’s motor is running it’s time to watch him make some real passes. He’s facing 3rd down and 5 while the Raiders show a double A-gap blitz. A tight 2 receiver set flanks each side of the offensive line and a single high safety sits in the back, posing a defense of either Cover-1 or Cover-3 variety. Needing 5 to get the first, Hundley picks the easiest target, the furthest bottom corner who is 8 yards back from the line of scrimmage, 3 yards deeper than the first. Hundley’s timing has the ball out the moment after Davante Adams turns and he places it in a spot that allows him to shield it from the DB. Despite how many words I took to describe this play, it’s actually not impressive; but this is Brett Hundley and I’m going to overrate everything he does. I write propaganda, not analysis.

The final pass of the drive has a simple logic; if it’s man coverage, throw it to the solo receiver. The RB’s flat route pulls the LB out of the middle, allowing a free throwing lane for Jared Cook, who’s lined up on the outside. The pre-snap shows a hint of this as every CB lines up with hips pointed at their man, and most importantly the leftmost inside linebacker is lined up directly across Eddie Lacy. Hundley can see the LB chasing after Lacy and pushes the ball to Cook.

Brett Hundley’s Next Two Drives

With the easy throws behind us, we can get into some actually worthwhile content.

Hundley finally gets asked to make a post-snap read on the defense on the first play of the second drive. The pre-snap shows an ambiguous defense where only two corners sit over a trips involving the tight end and two safeties are high. Hundley keeps his eyes downfield at the snap and is able to see the coverage drop into man, with the inside linebacker picking up the slot receiver when he and the tight end cross paths. Hundley looks at that matchup but due to the camerawork it’s hard to tell why he doesn’t take it. I’m guessing he didn’t feel confident in it, but I believe he may just be hesitant and have missed his chance to hit the slot receiver up the seam between the Cover-2. However, attempting to atone for this mistake, he doesn’t lock on and throw the ball anyway; he searches the field for his next option. When he opens up to the other side, the visible zone defender immediately bursts towards the running back and leaves space for Hundley to throw behind him into Ty Montgomery’s hands. Despite it being in a contested area, Hundley’s placement is good enough for an attempt, although suboptimal for the coverage. It’s obviously lucky that Montgomery catches this but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making this decision.

Hundley’s final pass of the night is his best. A pre-snap look shows press on the bottom receiver, and after a botched play-action, Hundley easily steps into a backshoulder throw placed just right for Davante Adams. He correctly reads the leverage that the corner had on Adams, sees the corners head is turned away from him and manages to put the ball exactly where it needed to be. It’s a nice chemistry pass that shows Hundley’s comfort, and that Adams has probably spent some amount of time with the second team.

There isn’t much to learn about Brett Hundley from this game, but it’s nice to see him come in while recovering from an injury and play well. I’m hoping we see more of him soon.


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