Ryan fitzpatrick context stats week 1 bengals

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs The Bengals – The Delusion of Competence

Statistics let us to remove emotional stimuli and focus on the hard truth of what happens. But statistics aren’t always enough. It’s necessary to place statistics into context of their environment to understand what they are. 60% accuracy doesn’t tell you any real information, but 60% accuracy throwing against man coverage gives you something to work with. That’s the purpose of this season-long project.

Let’s get this out of the way, these numbers aren’t fully objective. There’s a lot of subjectivity involved with interceptables, drops, single vs full reads, and even what the coverage faced is. This is still a subjective analysis. It’s just adding numbers to that subjective analysis.

Week 1 of 2016 was supposed to be the Jets coming out party as one of the big boys of the AFC. Instead, we got to watch our elite corner disappear, our elite wide receiver be non-existent, and the teams choice of quarterback play a completely boring game. Context stats are not kind to Fitzpatrick’s week 1 performance at all, especially considering 11 of his 19 completions came from behind the line of scrimmage.


Just as the Jets did last year, they kept the game short for Fitzpatrick. His limitations as a passer force them into gameplanning around his flaws to maximize whatever it is they value in him (I don’t see it, so I don’t know what it is). The Jets continued their exotic screen game by adding two new screens to their regular rotation, the Jet Screen (ran both times by Quincy Enunwa) and a slot screen (ran three times to Matt Forte). One of the few routes Fitzpatrick was able to hit consistently against the Bengals were screens, but their value was quickly diminished.

Read the rest of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Context Stats at Turn On The Jets.


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